Go within.

All that we see or seem

Is but a dream within a dream.


         I stand amid the roar

         Of a surf-tormented shore,

         And I hold within my hand

         Grains of the golden sand-

         How few! yet how they creep

         Through my fingers to the deep


Is all that we see or seem

But a dream within a dream?


Navrathri Festival

The impermeable Mother which rules the layers of illusion is called Durga in the East. The sound GA stands for movement. DURGA means ‘impossible to move’. She is worshipped as the Light in the darkness of matter.

The ritual of the Durga festival celebrated in India in the month of Libra is carried out for 9 days, beginning with the 1st ascending moon phase, to reach its culmination on the 10th day. On the 9 days the 9 aspects of the Mother are worshipped, so that she might grant the liberation from matter on the 10th day. Libra stands for the time of midnight where it is darkest. Durga is particularly worshipped during this time that she might help us to dispel the dark parts in us and that she might guide us through the darkness with her Light. The moment we think of the Mother, she gives us a spark of Light and that is enough not to lose the path in the darkness.

The 1st ascending moon phase in Libra starts on Tuesday, 13 October, 02:05 h (Central European Summer time)

About the Durga-Mantram:

Durga represents the impermeable Nature. She is the fortress and is the chief protector. She is the protector of the Universe too. Without Her favour, entry into any aspect of wisdom is difficult. She is the veil and is also the cause of illusion. It is Her spell of illusion that keeps the world going.

The Truth is veiled by Her. It is not one veil, it is veil after veil, and She presides over every veil. She is therefore the “Deity of the Threshold”. She is also the “Dweller on the Threshold”.

Worshipping this Intelligence of Nature, Nature gives way. Until Nature gives way, nothing can be seen, nothing can be heard and nothing can be experienced relating to the subtler world.

She is also the destroyer of ignorance and is the terror of the evil doers. She is popularly invoked to subjugate the beastly nature in the Truth-seekers. She is the Exquisite Jewel, The Star of the Sea, The World Mother who is said to be moving on the lion.

DUM is the seed-sound relating to it. GA stands for movement. Durga means: “Impossible to Move”. When invoked She arrests the movement of ignorance and evil within and outside. She is also known as Kali.

DUM DURGAI NAMAH is the mantra.

The mantram may be uttered in multiples of 8. The most propitious time to invoke the mantram is on the first 10 days of the ascending moon in the month of Libra. It represents all colours.

Displaying noname

Just this? Yes. Done.


Who Am I?

Originally posted on ReachSharu:

what are you to me, you asked
i am fluidity, replied i;
i am whatever you want me to be
fine as simple, formless and free
what am i to you, i countered
you are a fundamental emotion of life
you answered in surety, my unsketched
silent connection, my inner vastness
my alchemy to create
my intuition to perceive
my truth to live
my purpose to achieve

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in all of life’s many chance

is a hand held in assurance

love, laughter, shared thoughts

dreams, wishes and many naughts

and in the rush and tumble of days

and nights of crammed, lost ways

the hand remains, of steadfast grasp

that shared heart, that loyal clasp

thank you and sorry my dear friend

for the silence and space, no defend

our paths weave and veer, such diverge

to grow, search, to find the other and merge

We all go through those times where we really want to change for the better. We want our lives to improve and we have grown weary of the ways society says we should live. These 11 pieces of Buddhist wisdom will show you how to transform your life into something more meaningful, more beautiful, and full of peace and happiness.

1. Live A Life Of Compassion

Buddhism finds compassion to be one of the most revered qualities, and believes great compassion to be a sign of a highly realized human being.

Compassion isn’t only beneficial to the world as a whole, and it isn’t only important because it’s considered “the right thing to do”. Attempting to understand others around you, and being compassionate makes transforming your life possible.

A critical part of finding peace within yourself is self-compassion. Being compassionate doesn’t only involve others. When we learn to forgive ourselves and accept our human error, we can go through healing and move on from difficult challenges that hold us down.

Another thing, is that we can often feel tortured because we don’t understand why someone would do a certain thing or act a certain way. The basic premise of compassion is understanding the inherit goodness in every man, woman and child. Then, seeking to find that goodness in specific people. Compassion helps you when undergoing the mental torture of not understanding the actions of others.

Simply connecting with others through the act of compassion can be a great source of joy, for both parties involved.

There are many reasons for practicing compassion. Try to live in a way where everyone is equal- treat others how you want to be treated. Even though this may seem tricky at first, stick with it and you will see the power of being compassionate.

2. Make Connections, And Nurture Them

We are often in groups of forced connections, with a lesser goal in mind than consciousness. Monetary gain, substantial growth, control and power bring us together during the work week, but what if we made connections for a greater cause?

Buddhism calls a “sangha” a community of monks, nuns, laymen and laywomen who work towards the mutual goal of awakening for themselves and all beings. Sangha is a principal the entire world could benefit from, yet can be expressed in your own life in a multitude of ways.

Being fully aware of the power of truly connecting with others, whether it’s one person or a hundred, and nurturing that connection, will transform your life in ways that will continue to bless you for years to come.

3. Wake Up

Easily one of the most powerful points on this list, being awake in every moment of your life, fully and completely, is paramount to finding peace.

Being mindful, having a greater awareness, paying attention to the little things, whatever you call it- it can alter every facet in your life, in every way possible.

Try to live completely awake in each moment of your day. This will help you to overcome personal struggles, find a deeper sense of peace and happiness, and understand that the greatest life lessons learned are taught to us when we are fully awake to the present moment.

4. Live Deeply

The road to peace and happiness begins with living deeply. Living deeply involves becoming acutely aware of the precious nature of life. Through this, we become more aware of the true nature of the world.

This essentially happens in stages of the whole, like when you realize your interconnectedness (you see how everything is connected to everything else) and impermanence (yoou see how everything constantly changes and constantly dies in order to be reborn). These two realizations are the foundation of Buddhism and most spiritual practices. The stages are pieces of the ultimate understanding, and are ways for us to grasp that which isn’t able to be fully understood in the traditional sense.

Through living deeply, we have greater peace in understanding the natural laws of the universe. This allows us to savor every second in life, to feel peace in even the most tedious of tasks, as well as transform negative experiences into something that nourishes and heals.

5. Be The Change You Wish To See

Buddhists realize that you must help yourself first, before being able to help another. This does not refer to gaining wealth or power before you can help another, or to live in a way that ignores others.

This is taking us back to interconnectedness. Because we are all connected, we can have an exponentially positive effect on the rest of the world just by helping ourselves.

Do your best not to see the world as “us and them”. Interconnectedness teaches us that there is no separation. Try to do more than be a help to others; instead, be an example. Show the world how to live for others, how to live deeply, and you will create waves of limitless possibility that will inspire others to do the same.

6. Embrace Death

Western cultures and societies see death as a taboo subject. Unless it’s on a film or television show (which removes the real understanding of death) we avoid the topic so much we basically pretends it doesn’t exist.

The truth is, this does not help us to lead better, more fulfilled lives. Unfortunately, we have been taught that living for an unpromised future is more important than living for a temporary now. Becoming aware of your own impermanence and deeply realizing the nature of death, in regards to our interconnectedness, are two things that will help us achieve great peace.

If we live our entire lives believing that we will never die, or if we ignore our own impermanence, then finding true peace within ourselves will never happen. Rather than shielding ourselves from death, we need to open ourselves up to the concept. By accepting our mortality and cherishing our moments here, now, we can begin to appreciate the numerous joys in our everyday lives.

7. Your Food Is Very Special

There is a Buddhist meditative practice involving mindfulness and contemplation, which helps you understand the precious nature of the food you eat. Food plays an  integral role in our daily lives. When we transform our relationship with food, we transform a key aspect of our lives.

As we contemplate and think about the food on our plate, we can start to understand the immense system of interconnectedness in our lives, and how many elements had to be in place for it to get there.

This will help us to deepen our relationship with food, give us a greater sense of gratitude at the start of each meal, and learn to respect the fragile balance of life.

8. Understand Giving

True giving doesn’t have to just be about Christmas and birthdays. True giving is about those gifts we give every day, but do not see as gifts at all.

The Buddhist understanding of giving says that life is a continuous cycle of giving and receiving. Not only does this assist us in finding peace through an understanding of the world, but it helps us to realize that we all have amazing gifts within each of us. And we can share these gifts at any moment we choose- love, compassion, presence and many others.

9. Disarm The Ego

There are certain obstacles which prohibit us from realizing the ultimate reality- that we are all connected. Spiritual practice is the very act of overcoming these obstacles.

The main obstacle in our way is the ego.

Ego’s only function is to pull you away from this ultimate reality by convincing you that “you are separate”.

Removing the ego is not an easy task. The ego has been with us for years and has become intertwined with our sense of being. But once inhibited, the infinite rewards of realizing our best life becomes apparent.

10. Remove The Three Poisons

Life is filled with plenty of good things. On the other end, life has it’s share of negative things as well. Vices are things that try to bind us to unwholesome ways of living, and therefore remove us from the greater realization in our lives. Within all of these things, the three poisons are the most powerful.

The three poisons:

1- Greed

2- Hatred

3- Delusion

These three things are responsible for a great percentage of the world’s pain and suffering. We separate ourselves from the interconnectedness by using any of the three.

When you start to experience any of the three poisons, allow yourself to accept that you are going through this, and work at removing it from your life. This will take some time, but it is an imperative part towards realizing true peace and happiness.

11. Realize Non-Attachment

Non-attachment isn’t easy to sum up, but I felt it was one of the most important points to mention.

Some think of non-attachment as living with nothing, no friends or family, and no belongings. If you are forcing yourself to refrain from truly living, you are not going to experience peace.

A Buddhist sense of non-attachment means to live in a way where you coexist with the natural flow of life, while simultaneously not allowing yourself to become attached to the things IN life. It means to live constantly aware of the impermanence of all people and things.

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Written by Raven Fon

me, mySelf

i shed the garbs each worn, slowly

layers and roles that fragmented me

hiding the me that is within my insides

lying in wait so patiently, truly it resides

first comes the little girl, so chirpy and bright

full of faith in life, every morning and night

happiness overflowing, security so content

gurgling with success, so fully confident

** second she makes way for the career woman

responsible, intelligent, working hard, on the run

winning, learning, measuring and living

with people, with situation taking and giving

** third comes the completely young shy bride

trustingly careful, love and partner beside

family, companionship, fun and laughter

dancing in step to marriage’s daily patter

** fourth is the never seen part of mother

tiny bundles of joy, love and laughter

long hours, hard lessons, full job a balance

life has suddenly seen a tough cadence

** fifth is the garment of the winsome leader

success, teamwork, masks worn, alert radar

constant competition, roles to play unceasing

responsibility of other before self, relentlessly pleasing

** sixth is the author, the solitude of inner mind

pen on paper, thoughts of a captivating kind

writing, reading, books underway to remind

each day is a play, a song perfectly divine

** then comes the search, the walks alone

the questions filter in, the answers in tone

they explain, they differ, they swirl in waves

of inner walks, solitary pensive beautiful lanes

** here is where i find my final garb of permanence

of soul, of mySelf, of me within, of penance

here is where i seek solace, i find light aglow

that inner blue, silence unfolds in flow

** mystic secrets of universe revealed

cryptic, quiet, lovely and lustrous, veiled

here is where i lie, my maker my friend

my answers float in, final homes descend….

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