July 6, 2016

My Next Book!!

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A few years ago, I guess mid-2013; I began this book. Now why did I do it? I just happened to keep hearing Veturi in my meditations, repeatedly for many days. Upon initial research, I got to know that he was a seer who lived in the years 1888-1950. When I shared this to a few, I got to know that his daughter was residing in Hyderabad.

On one really rainy day I made my way to her house. She shared his story to me. I was so captivated that I promised her an English biography. She smiled and stated, ‘Maybe he wants you to be part of his Yogam, not a book.Think about it.’

Little did I know that sages speak rarely, and know much ahead into the future. She was so right.

I then talked to Veturi garu’s son, Sri Anand Murthy Veturi; a very wise sage and realized soul in the golden era of his lifetime. His wisdom into me is precious. Many meetings later, this family got woven into mine effortlessly, as they are wont to do. They are such special people.

I finally did finish, a good 3 years into the beginning, a book about the great legendary historian. But as his daughter stated, it evolved into a chronicle of his journey into Yogam, or spirituality. This in a nutshell is my next book, on Sri Veturi Prabhakara Sastry garu. It was strange that she suddenly called me a few weeks ago; and asked me where I was with the book, and that Sri Veturi garu’s 100th anniversary into his initiation into Yogam was fast approaching. I was packing for a flight into US. I tentatively gave her a half-commitment of what I could do in a few weeks. And then even more strangely, I wrote this over two weeks, in US; severely jet lagged and with hours of the night alone in a hotel room and a long weekend to add to my time with this dreamy journey. So it is indeed magical how it happened.

Grace really has very mystical ways of touching you.

Here is an excerpt of the book –

Identity is connectedness to Source.

The only identity that one possesses is of connectedness to the Source. This is the awareness that flows through a person as prana or life force and keeps a person’s Soul connected to the One at all times. The entire lifetime of a Soul is from the moment he/she takes on a physical form as a part of the Source, with a seed force from the Source; and then lives an entire lifetime of learning and connectedness.

The Earth is a school. One takes on a physical, separate living birth in order to learn and enrich one’s evolutionary path. Each day is a new lesson. Each experience within each day connects one a little more to the Source. An experience is defined by the enrichment it offers, the learning that it imparts.

All other understanding of identity are false. Ego is the most oft misrepresented form of Identity.  There is a very strong identification with our bodies, with our physical aspects, our beauty, our garb, our behavior, our education, our achievement; which creates the emphasis on the Self; the Me, the Ego.

The ephemeral nature of all things material in this world is not so easily perceived. This leads one to believe in just the material aspect of life as real; that which one can see and hear and touch and feel is all that really exists in the world. This cements identification even more in the physical realm.

This leads to one living life through the process of acquisition. Acquisition of power, wealth, status, an affluent lifestyle and so on.

Nothing is further from the truth.  Achievement means a specific connotation in the world; related to wealth rather than to wisdom, more often than not. While comfort can be a finite list of making life easy and worth enjoying; too much of a materialistic life is a journey that veers one away from the Source more and more. It steeps a person in trying to make life more and more comfortable; and enjoyable; while taking him away from his purpose in life. This is a materialistic life being led as if without volition, without cognition.

The connectedness to source is lost gradually, the lessons that the human life was taken for are lost gradually. There is much happiness in this route. There is ephemeral enjoyment being fed as a cyclical process through life.

Source exists in knowing your Self completely. Source exists in awareness at all times. Source guides a Soul to fulfill the life purpose if one stays connected to it enough to listen to the counsel, if one is attentive to absorbing and acting on the inner messages.

There is simplicity in connectedness. One has to ensure that their actions, words and thought are all aligned perfectly. They have to say what they mean and act on what they say. Their thought, word and deed cannot be different. If largely this credo is adhered to, then the identity of a person is almost pure and clear enough for the Soul to thrive.

Simplicity, tri-alignment ensures that the life steer is in flow with the Source.

March 27, 2016

When Breath Becomes Air – Why did you go Paul?

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Paul, you will always live in my heart as my courage.

After a long time, at least a few years since I’ve read a posthumous biography, I completely lived this book for four days non-stop. This is a life that changes you profoundly, it teaches you how to live, in fact remaining yourself as you were before you read him is simply not an option.

Paul’s writing is stunning. It sucks you into his personality so powerfully that you are him as you read the book.
Allow me to share that for the longest part of my childhood I wanted to be a surgeon…I think since 4 until 18 years….and when I read him I felt that dream, that miscarriage of an aspiration back in full force. At least I still live. To see that such a superior mind battled tirelessly with death, in hope, in anger, in fatigue and in desperation chills you to the core. It makes you want to work for cancer cures…it reminds you that this disease has taken great minds before, and it will insidiously and stealthily take them again…with its characteristic disgusting speed and silence..

read this passage that I am posting…

“Neurosurgery requires a commitment to one’s own excellence and a commitment to another’s identity…The decision to operate at all involves an appraisal of one’s own abilities, as well as a deep sense of who the patient is and what she holds dear.”
A person who can think this way of his work, his life purpose, in such intimate terms for his patients…Why did he go so early?
Is there a parallel universe out there that needs him more?
Is it that he was so brilliant that his acme as a Soul was reached and someone got bored enough to snuff his life out?
Is it that a disease just crept in to destroy in jealousy such a talent?
Is it that this Soul is so special that he will touch the lives of people like me, and others likewise; in such an intense bond of words?
if there is ever a respect and a deep regret for someone you haven’t even met, this is truly it…
This is a person that will scorch you, touch you in ways you haven’t seen at all with his courage, and that will live inside your darkest moments; egging you on to get up until the very last breath….

just last year, this mind was struggling in the last throes of life…and we all lived normally in ignorance of such a great soul….

Why did you go Paul?

The neurosurgeon Paul Kalanithi Iearned he had lung cancer when he was 35 and died two years later, in March 2015. “When Breath Becomes Air” is his meditation on the reversal of roles when a doctor becomes a patient. It has an aura of the best kind of earnest conversation that kept you up all night in your early adulthood — but it transcends that potential callowness with its Keatsian sense of impending mortality. Kalanithi died too soon to recant the insights that come with the gradual discovery of one’s own consciousness, and his book is suffused with a proleptic nostalgia for a youth still in its efflorescence. That truncated youth is touched with youth’s particular wisdom.


February 29, 2016

Let Go.

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Life is a balance of holding on and Letting go.
Knowledge of what to hold onto and what to release is instinctual.
You know intuitively what matters to you, and what needs to end.
You then release – sometimes painfully and with a lot of struggle.
Family, friends, dreams – these are things to hold onto.
Anger, grudges, worry, hopeless relationships; impossible situations; these need to be gracefully Let Go.
With as much gentleness as you can manage, and always with forgiveness.

This is the hardest lesson I relearn every single day.

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January 29, 2016

Happy 17th Anish

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This may perhaps be over the top cheesy….fair warning in advance…

Anish is 17 today. usually I write out a few funny memories I have of him on his birthdays…

I was cleaning out book closets last December, and chanced upon a kindergarten report of Anish…in full detail; by his Merck daycare giver. She had painstakingly written out so many little anecdotes for my consumption, since I was a working mom and lost so many of his growing moments….

a few lines stuck out at me….

  • Anish has learnt to bike-ride this week…he rides up a slope of the park. He has learnt to walk his bike uphill and come sliding downhill with feet off the ground, and jump off the bike when he reaches the bottom of the hill. He has also taught his friends this trick and they laugh uproariously when they jump off…

this at two years old….

That’s Anish for you…’precocious’ just does not sum up the extent to which Anish jumps the gun at times….

  • it is not everyday that one witnesses a 16 year old organize an International OAKMUN, pooling up a cool 60 lakhs of sponsorship in the process…I was amazed at how driven he was, talking to each sponsor for hours on end, selling the MUN theme, persuasion hour after hour each day for months on end…
  • Macbeth was another journey of drama, and theatre; he learnt 700 lines of Shakespeare for the lead role…
  • one fine day, he mustered up a bunch of friends and went on a 60km bike marathon on ORR Hyd, thirsting and sweaty at the end of it…
  • he went through a 14 hour Hindu procedure full of Sanskrit prayers for his Upanayanam; with patience that made me proud…there were 250 guests; and  he made time for each of them with so much courtesy
  • he lived and breathed DOTA in a maniacal fashion, and just with a click; turned it off completely another fine day..
  • he had his first, hopefully one of many – TEDTalk on Math..a family first..
  • he started turning into an insomniac, Skyping people into wee hours of the night..
  • he conducted his entire US and UK application process solely on his own. No help was solicited for the multitude of application forms with varied and diverse Statements of Purpose, questions that dug deep into his psyche and made him introspect and research like never before…

More than the super achiever feats, what I realized was that the boy has quietly, in his uniquely special style; just grown up…into a responsible, sane, rational and balanced human being, loved by  a lot of people… clearly my role as parent has waned off before I even realized it..

like his sister Sahiti says – the boy lives everyday like he wants to make you feel inadequate half the time…

Next year begins his college journey, and the Lord knows what that can bring….I am sure more fun, tremendous learning, ongoing friendships, and hopefully a great lot of happiness…

Many Happy Returns dear Anish.









December 30, 2015

2016, my wishes…

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  1. Finish the Veturi book – I wrote Messages in Meditation. +1
  2. Get better and add to my music – Zilch. I did not at all add to this. -1.
  3. Get much wider circle of healing. I certified as Reiki GrandMaster and have begun healing in earnest. + 1.
  4. grow into a nicer Sharada – Again Zilch. I daresay I have cognitively done much here…yes,  -1.

These were the goals for last year. 50% Achievement ratio.

Given this, what ought to be proper, good goals for this year?

  1. Education – A focus for the last year also has been to take rural India education up by several notches. I’m influencing this, and yes; talks are on here…more on this only once they land.
  2. Write more. Fiction this time, and yes this is a work in progress.
  3. Give more. Any solid ideas ? pls msg me….
  4. Change completely. Reinvent aggressively.

2015 in review

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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for my blog.

82 countries in all hold my visitors. India, US and UK are the largest readership geos. I am most grateful for the patronage. Thank You!!

Keep visiting ReachSharu.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,200 times in 2015. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

December 18, 2015


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She has been my faithful companion all through my life. In fact my name is Her. My thoughts are Her. My entire rational self is Her. My favourite Goddess. My prayer to Her is that She never leaves my hand in my life, here is a poem from my book –

Prayachha Prayacchanubhaava
Pracheena Vadanath
Praveenyatha Pravruddhaya
Parama Purusha Pranamaath
Pavitra Pavitranaam
Parama Ounya Paranaara
Pravruddhaye Prachathu
Praranirvaana Vachathu

Hamsavaahana Hamsavardhana
Hamsaniyataanu Hrudaya
Pranamaam Yat Sarva
Yat pa. Yat Prakaasa.
Yat Suchalaam.
Sisilam. Sisilasya.
Sidhvi. Sichuyath.

Sometimes, there is an experience of purification so profound
So significantly changing to you as a person
That it forcefully, ardently, vociferously catapults you into a realm of
Understanding and comprehension that is a language
Of words and meter and prose that is beyond
Your usual words, your regular speech

It is the communication of your silence, of your breath
Of your prana, the music of your Soul
The delightful garland of color that is the mantra
Of sacred emancipation that will finally liberate you from
The maya of the earthly weave of magic that materialistic
Matter crafts around man everyday.

This language, this precept, this mantra is what rishis
Hear from the Gayatri who rides the swan of purity.
I bow to the queen of Veda, the Gayatri that rules the cosmos
The sanctified abode of heavens that she graces with her virtuous
Omnipresence and sprinkles with her gentle happiness.

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November 5, 2015

Go within.

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All that we see or seem

Is but a dream within a dream.


         I stand amid the roar

         Of a surf-tormented shore,

         And I hold within my hand

         Grains of the golden sand-

         How few! yet how they creep

         Through my fingers to the deep


Is all that we see or seem

But a dream within a dream?


October 12, 2015

Navrathri Festival

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The impermeable Mother which rules the layers of illusion is called Durga in the East. The sound GA stands for movement. DURGA means ‘impossible to move’. She is worshipped as the Light in the darkness of matter.

The ritual of the Durga festival celebrated in India in the month of Libra is carried out for 9 days, beginning with the 1st ascending moon phase, to reach its culmination on the 10th day. On the 9 days the 9 aspects of the Mother are worshipped, so that she might grant the liberation from matter on the 10th day. Libra stands for the time of midnight where it is darkest. Durga is particularly worshipped during this time that she might help us to dispel the dark parts in us and that she might guide us through the darkness with her Light. The moment we think of the Mother, she gives us a spark of Light and that is enough not to lose the path in the darkness.

The 1st ascending moon phase in Libra starts on Tuesday, 13 October, 02:05 h (Central European Summer time)

About the Durga-Mantram:

Durga represents the impermeable Nature. She is the fortress and is the chief protector. She is the protector of the Universe too. Without Her favour, entry into any aspect of wisdom is difficult. She is the veil and is also the cause of illusion. It is Her spell of illusion that keeps the world going.

The Truth is veiled by Her. It is not one veil, it is veil after veil, and She presides over every veil. She is therefore the “Deity of the Threshold”. She is also the “Dweller on the Threshold”.

Worshipping this Intelligence of Nature, Nature gives way. Until Nature gives way, nothing can be seen, nothing can be heard and nothing can be experienced relating to the subtler world.

She is also the destroyer of ignorance and is the terror of the evil doers. She is popularly invoked to subjugate the beastly nature in the Truth-seekers. She is the Exquisite Jewel, The Star of the Sea, The World Mother who is said to be moving on the lion.

DUM is the seed-sound relating to it. GA stands for movement. Durga means: “Impossible to Move”. When invoked She arrests the movement of ignorance and evil within and outside. She is also known as Kali.

DUM DURGAI NAMAH is the mantra.

The mantram may be uttered in multiples of 8. The most propitious time to invoke the mantram is on the first 10 days of the ascending moon in the month of Libra. It represents all colours.

Displaying noname

August 14, 2015

Just this? Yes. Done.

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Who Am I?


what are you to me, you asked
i am fluidity, replied i;
i am whatever you want me to be
fine as simple, formless and free
what am i to you, i countered
you are a fundamental emotion of life
you answered in surety, my unsketched
silent connection, my inner vastness
my alchemy to create
my intuition to perceive
my truth to live
my purpose to achieve

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