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From Darkness to Light
The Guru Gita:
The Song of the Guru
Guru Gita reveals the inner workings of spiritual apprenticeship. It presents the guru/disciple relationship as a dynamic path that leads to a fulfilling life as well as Self-realization. 
This unique text presents us with life’s most fundamental paradox, the riddle we must solve if our goal is to realize the unshakable peace of our True Self: 
How can Infinite Spirit and finite matter fully exist in the same space and time, in the same individual? How can we be fully human and fully divine?
Guru Gita stands firmly at the crossroads of the Infinite and finite and speaks to us from that point of intersection. It invites us to pause and reflect at the core of a riddle that can’t be solved by the mind. It opens the heart and stills the restless chatter of the mind through soaring poetic language, imagery, and striking symbolism. We come to realize that the answer to the riddle, and the peace we seek, doesn’t come through philosophizing, but through dedication, selfless love, and meditation. 
At first glance, this seems to summarize the Gita’s content. In reality, it goes far beyond this. The Guru Gita pays homage to the spiritual potential in us all. Yes, the Guru Gita says, the guru is God . . . but the same text also declares that, you too, are Divine. The transformative power of these teachings – that which gives it extraordinary vibrancy – is not that the guru has attained an enlightened state unreachable by us. The teachings of the Guru Gita have the power to inspire and transform precisely because the guru is a human being like us, and because we all have the same spiritual potential within, waiting to unfold. It is the guru within us that recognizes the guru without. In fact, the guru within and the guru without, are one.
From time immemorial, the path to enlightenment has essentially been the same: Those that have experienced the Truth, the enlightened, are lit candles that show the way. Seekers of light, not yet realizing that what they seek is within, find a lit candle that stirs buried memories of their own Inner Light. The powerful devotional aspect of the Guru Gita is the unlit candle snuggling up close to the lit one to learn its secrets to success, to emulate it, form a relationship to it, and to serve and revere it. Most importantly, the unlit candle strives to catch a spark of light from its fully lit master, to become enlightened by a flame that has passed from master to disciple from time immemorial. The guru/disciple relationship is really between a seeker and the Divine Light. 
Guru Gita: BackgroundThe Guru Gita is a part of a larger text, the Skanda Purana, compiled between the 6th and 15th centuries. It takes the form of a dialogue between Lord Siva, Lord of the Universe and His Royal Consort, the Goddess Parvati. It begins with Parvati observing Siva expounding the Supreme Truth to the sages. She is astonished when she sees that while the sages were bowing to her husband, He in turn was reverently bowing to someone else. 
“O, My Lord, You are the teacher of the entire world, the one Supreme Being. You are fit above all to receive prostrations. To whom do You bow? I am amazed at this. Please, enlighten me!”
The great Lord’s response was simple, direct, and startling:
“It is to the Guru I bow.”
Hearing this, Parvati asked Siva to explain the nature of the guru, and for the sake of humanity, to reveal the path by which seekers can unite with the Absolute. In response to Her request, Lord Siva sang the Guru Gita.




in the lanes of calm villages

sleepy in peace and serenity

i walk in clean inhalations

of lungfuls of happiness 

people pure hearted and ambling

gently and in agenda-less days

of sunlight and happiness

it leaves me with myself

one with the nature so green

i find my wishes clamoring 

i push them aside

i rest in me, i befriend that 

inner person.



Shiva and Shakti are the same, that is why the concept of Ardhanarishwar, who is half Shiva and half Parvati. This is true in all of us; in each one, there is a mother’s DNA and a father’s DNA; a male aspect and a female aspect, and together you become complete. Physically, you may be a woman, but you have your father’s aspect inside of you. Is it that only females are born out of females and males are born out of males? No! Inside each one of you, there is a male aspect and a female aspect.

Shiva and Shakti are one, yet they are different. Parvati means Shakti (the manifest world, i.e., air, earth, fire, water, air, mind, ego and memory), Shiva is the unmanifest. The form and the formless are married; like your mind is formless, the body is form, and they are married.

Yet, it is all just one wave function when you go to Quantum Mechanics; there is no male, no female. However, when you want to have a baby, you cannot say that it is all one Quantum Mechanics, it is different there. When you want to eat food, Quantum Mechanics does not work there. You should know what to eat and what not to eat correct? So, the world of differences and the world of unity co-exist, yet they are different. That is why it is said that the unmanifest Shiva tatva has no parallel, there is no two; it is complete.

As Shiva, as a male energy, (it is) consciousness; then there is female energy, i.e., the manifest universe or the body. When you talk about body and mind, then there are two things, the manifest and the unmanifest. But when you talk about atoms or wave function in Quantum Mechanics, it is all just one vibration.

When you watch television, you see an episode, but if you see it from another angle, you perceive electronic waves. On the other side, you are seeing an episode, and getting some information; they are not opposite. In fact, they are interwoven in nature.

|| Jai Guru Dev ||

The Five Secrets.



There are five secrets which are sacred and are guarded by the subtle beings and angels in this creation. They are:

Jananarahasya (the secret of birth): Birth is a secret. How a soul takes a body, the criteria for selecting the place of birth, time of birth, type of body, parents, etc are all a secret.
Maranarahasya (the secret of death): Death is a highly guarded secret. Death remains a mystery. The process of separation of spirit from matter and its journey from then on is a secret.
Rajarahasya (the royal secret, the secret of ruling): The principles of governing; the principles of maintaining the orderliness in creation are a secret.
Prakritirahasya (the secret of nature): Nature is a mystery. The more you know about nature, the mystery deepens. The more a scientist knows, the more he feels there is much more to know. Science, though appearing to resolve the mystery in creation, has deepened it. The knowledge of particles, wave functions, black holes, the vacuum state, etc have only deepened the mystery.
Mantrarahasya (secret of mantras): The mantras and their effect, influence, method and mode of working are all a mystery. Mantras are the impulses or rhythms of consciousness, which itself is a mystery.
Usually in the West, a secret is shameful and dishonest. But in the East, it is honored and regarded as sacred.

|| Jai Guru Dev || 

When you live Love.

When you are full of love, sharing takes place. And then comes the great surprise – as you give love, you start receiving it from unknown sources, from unknown corners, from unknown people, from the trees, rivers, from the mountains. Love starts showering on you from all nooks and corners of existence. The more you give, the more you will get. Life becomes a sheer dance of love.


Stay Healthy. Simply

This is a video from a very renowned world Leader A S Murthy, CTO of Tech Mahindra.
A very good friend and a well wisher; he shared this into me last week.

He is definitely a guru to many who have worked with him, and I personally have learnt loads from him as his team.
I have a lot of respect for him and I am sure you will appreciate my sharing these nuggets of wisdom from him to keep you smart and healthy in your life.