of super full moons


circles in the sand…circles unsure; circles in the sky…the pure azure
circles of karma…circles within; circles of living…the ends that begin
circles tested ….circles flown; circles reborn…circles that shone
seven suns and super moons; tis just a fractal, the cosmic circle of divinity
angels, messengers, souls in just a journey, the circle of infinity..


Happy Ganesh Chaturthi



Shree Ganapati Atharvashirsha

Hari OM Namaste Ganapataye | Twameva Pratyksham Tatvamasi | Twameva Kevalam Kartasi | Twameva Kevalam Dhartasi | Twameva Kevalam Hartasi | Twameva Sarvam Khalvidam Brahmasi | Twam Sakashadatamasi Nityam || 1 ||

You are the divine truth. You are the only creator of the world. You are the only protector of the world. You are the only destroyer of the world. You are the ultimate supreme divine power. You are the only soul which is present partly in each and every living form.

Here the meaning of Brahma is related with unknown total universal knowledge. The origin of the total universe is sound. The first basic sound or knowledge is self existent, ever lasting and full of happiness, full of spirit. The pictorial form of this original sound is OM and an idol of Ganapati is a symbolic form of OM. All the matter is created from the original sound. (Matter is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons) atoms which are. It means original soul is present partly in each and everything and it is the ultimate supreme knowledge means it is the Brahma and. The Brahma (Lord Ganesha) controls from birth till death.

Rutam vachami | Satyam vachmi || 2 ||

The great sage Ganaka is speaking the divine truth.

Ava Twam Mam | Ava Vaktaram | Ava Shrotaram | Ava Dataram | Ava Dhataram | Avanuchanavamshishyam Ava Pashhattat | Ava Purasttat | Avo Tarattat | Ava Dakshinattat | Ava Chordhvattat | Ava Dharattat | Sarvato Mam Pahi Pahi Samantat || 3 ||

(Oh Lord Ganesha) protect me. Protect the speaker, protect the listener, protect the donor, protect the sustainer and protect the learner and the teacher. Protect me from West direction, protect me from East, protect me from North and protect me from South. Protect me from top, protect me from bottom. Protect me from all sides and from surrounding. Lord Ganesha you protect me from all the obstacles when I am praising about your appearance, when I am listening about your merits/qualities. When I am passing the merit of your worshipping to others you protect me. When I am learning your worshipping from the Guru you protect me. The obstacles which will come across in my devotional worshipping you protect them from East, West, North, South and other surrounding/directions.

Twam Vangamaystyam Chinmayaha | Twam Anandmayastvam Brahmamaya | Twam Satchidanandadvitiyosi | Twam Pratyaksham Brahmasi |

Twam Dhyanamayo Vidhnyan-Mayosi || 4 ||

You are the real speech and you are the real awakening. You are the real spirit of joy. You are the real universal divine knowledge. You are the incomparable everlasting real supreme joy. You are the perceptible/actual divine (substance) or as cause of the universe or an enigma. You are the actual knowledge and actual science and intelligence.(the meaning of science is spiritual experience)

Sarvam Jagadidam Twatto Jayate | Sarvam Jagadidam Twattas Tishthati | Sarvam Jagadidam Twayi Layamesheti | Sarvam Jagadidam Twayi Pratyeti | Twam Bhumiraponalo Neelo Nabhaha | Twam Chatwari Wak Padani || 5 ||

The whole world is produced from you. The whole world exists because of you. The whole world merged into you. The whole world again one can experience in only you. You are the Earth, water, air, fire and sky (the panchamahabhutas-the five elements). You are the four states of speeches. Sounded soul which is the origin of the Lord Ganesha is the self existent everlasting unexpressed total universal divine knowledge. The three states creation, maintenance (taking care) and destruction are originated from Lord Ganesha (Matter is originated from sound. The protons, neutrons and electrons are made up of atom. Atom is made from matter.) Proton, the creator (God Brahma), neutron the care-taker (God Vishnu) and electron the destructor (God Shiva). The five elements are originated from Lord Ganesha. From Ether the air is originated, from air the fire is originated, from fire the water is originated, from water the earth is originated. A human being is also originated from these five elements by processing cosmic energy. Lord Ganesha is the self existent original sounded soul. The knowledge of sound is visible or invisible. We can hear it but cannot see or feel it. Lord Ganesha (sound) is soul and the universe is the body. The source of words is from Lord Ganesha-the original sound. The four states of speeches are para, pashyanti, madhyama and vaikhari. The place of para is deep down inside the region of naval. The place of pashyanti is in the heart. The ‘Madhyanma’ is the throat and ‘Vaikhari’ is the movement of tongue and lips. It means the presence of Lord Ganesha (sound) is present in all the objects in the world.

Twam Gunatrayatitaha | Twam Dehatrayatitaha | Twam Kalatrayatitaha | Twam Muladharasthitosi Nityam | Twam Shaktitrayatmakaha | Twam Yogino Dhyayanti Nityam | Twam Brahmastvam, Twam Vishnustvam Rudrastvam Indrastvam Agnistvam Vayastvam Suryastvam Chandramastvam Brahmabhurbhurvaswarome || 6 || 

You are beyond the three human qualities (Raj, Satva, and Tam). You are beyond the three human states (waking, dreaming and deep sleep). You are beyond the three states of bodies (gross, stable and causal). You constantly exist in the place ‘Muladhara’ in human body. You are the three powers/Shakti (required for creation, preservation and destruction). The sages always meditate on Lord Ganesha. You are Brahma, you are Vishnu, you are Rudra, you are Indra, you are Agni/God of Fire, you are Vayu/God of Air, you are Surya/Sun, you are Chandra/Moon, you are the Brahma (an organism from all living being) and the Earth, the Sky, the Heaven and the OM.

Human being has three types of qualities- Satva, Raj, and Tam. Satva means Satvik means pure, holy or God fearing. A person, who is satvik, has always pure, noble clear thoughts. He is always well behaved well mannered thinking for others. Any type of bad elements could not disturb him. ‘Rajogna’ means passionate. A person always thinks about what profit he will get if will do anything. He always accepts positive results as per his thinking. If he doesn’t achieve it he gets disturb. Could not keep control on his thoughts and mind. ‘Tamasi’ means hot headed irascible. A person is very hot tempered, selfish, his thoughts and his world are around eating, drinking, sleeping. They hurt to others; never take care for anybodies feelings and duties towards anybody. Lord Ganesha is beyond these three gunas.

Lord Ganesha always exists in place of ‘Muladhara’. According to the yoga there are seven ‘Chakras'(states) in human body. These ‘Chakras’ are situated in various parts of the body. Through meditation a person can awake the power of thinking of body, correct decision power, through the power of kundalini which is in the ‘Muladhara’. Lord Ganesha the supreme power is situated in ‘Muladhara’.

Ganadhim Purvamuchharya Varnadim Tadonuntarin | Anushwara Parataraha | Ardhendulsitam | Tarena Ruddham | Etat Tav Manuswaroopam | Gakarah Purvaroopam | Aakaro Madhyamarupam | Anuswaraschyantyarupam | Bindurutteirrupam | Nada Sandhanam | Sanhita Sandhihi |

Saisha Ganeshvidhya | Ganakrishihi | Nichrudgayatrichandaha | Ganapatirdevata | OM Gam Ganapatye Namaha || 7 ||

Having recited the letter ‘Ga’ the first letter of ‘Ganadhim’ in the beginning, followed by the first alphabet ‘A’ and thereafter a dot means a crescent and with the sacred ‘Om’ up to these. This is the way of complete the pronunciation. ‘Gakara’ is the first part ‘Akara’ is the middle part and a dot ‘anuswar’ is the last part and ‘bindu’ is the latter form (pronunciation) .This is the ‘Ganesh Vidya'(knowledge about Lord Ganesha) of Gananka Rishi (a sage) Niert Gayatri is its meter. ‘Ganapati’ is the God and symbolic form in words is ‘OM Gam Ganapataye Namaha’. The word Gam having the following three parts, 1) ga 2) a 3) a dot above the letter to denote the nasal sound.

Ekadantaya Vidmahe | Vakaratundaya Dhimahi | Tanoo Danti Prachodayata || 8 ||

(This Is The ‘Ganesh Gayatri’ Which Is Introduced After Knowledge Of Ganesha. By Chanting This ‘Ganesh Gayatri’ God Ganapati Will Take Care Of The Devotees Life, Wealth And Property). We Know Ekadanta. We Meditate vakratunda .May he inspire us for Meditation.

Ekadantam Chaturhastam Pashmankushdharinam | Radam Cha Varadam Hasteibribhranam Mushakadwajam | Raktam Lambodaram Shurpakarnakam Raktavasasam | Raktagandhanuliptangam Raktapushpai Supujitam | Bhaktanukampinam Devam Jagatkarnamchutam | Aavirbhutam Cha Shrushtyadou Prakrute Purushatparam | Evam Dhyayati Yo Nityam Sa Yogi Yoginam Varah || 9 ||

First Nam mantra, then one letter mantra, then Gayatri mantra. After finishing these three mantras a description of Ganesh idol for meditation is said as follows, Who has one tusk(on right side), who has four hands, in upper right hand who is holding noose, in left upper hand goad. In lower left hand, who is holding elephant’s tooth(ekadanta), right lower hand is giving blessings, granting boon, having the mouse as him emblem, red in color, who is having big stomach, whose ears are like a small sift pan, who is wearing red colored cloths, who’s body is smeared with red sandalwood paste, who is worshipped with red flowers, who is always does favor and keeps kindness towards his devotees, who created this world, who is everlasting and who is the cause of the universe, who is beyond the primordial energy and individual soul. Whoever meditates on him, always be a yogi and is the best amongst the yogis.

Namo Vratapataye Namo Ganapataye Namaha Pramathpataye Namaste Astu Lambodaraya-Ekadantaya Vighnashine Shivasutaya Shri Varadamurtaye Namo Namaha || 10 || Salutation to the Lord of gods. Salutation to Ganapati (the supreme authority of total divine knowledge). Salutation to leader or chief of the soldiers and sages. Salutation to the big bellied (Lambodar), who is having one tusk, Salutation to Ekadanta. Again and again Salutation to God Shiva’s son who destroys all obstacles and Varadmurti. A lord who always give blessings to his devotees. 


Vinayaka Chaturthi



There is a particular ritual in the month of Virgo related to the worship of Ganesha, when the moon is in the Hasta constellation. The cosmic principle Ganapati, ‘the Lord of Groupings’ is also called Ganesha. The constellation is in the form of a head of an elephant. This elephant-headed deity is worshipped as the Lord of wealth and wisdom. He influences our Earth through Jupiter. When there are serious afflictions to Jupiter, either in the birth chart or in the progressive chart, one can avoid the evil effects by meditating upon Ganapati, the elephant-headed deity.

If we look at the Hasta constellation from the earth, we find that the stars in the sky have the form of a head and a trunk of an elephant. When the moon is in this constellation, especially the crescent moon, it looks as though it is the tusk of the elephant. The tusk is the crescent moon that walks into it once in a year. It happens on the fourth ascending moon phase in the month of Virgo. The fourth ascending moon phase of Virgo completes the elephant headed figure. That day is considered special to invoke the Jupiterian energies. All those who aspire to walk into wisdom are recommended to orient to the Jupiterian energy on that day. An elaborate ritual is done about Ganesha on that day, so that he lifts us up into wisdom, re-arranging our energy patterns.


Traditionally it is believed that by worshipping Ganesha on that day, we will have no obstacles in our life. He is said to be ‘the Lord of Obstacles’! He creates obstacles, and he eliminates obstacles. It is believed that he creates obstacles to our unhealthy thoughts, speeches and actions, and eliminates the obstacles to our healthy patterns. 


Om Bhuh Bhuvah Swaha:


As Krishna reveled in the universe, surrounded by the twelve Suns and the galaxies of silence and cosmic energy; he thought to HimSelf.


” I need to create. I need a reflection of my Self; in the grosser form. Perhaps this is a day when I shall spin the Universe from my dreams and thoughts swirls…

And so the universal wonder began…



dear Mom

Hi Mom.

it is perfectly okay to be kind to yourself and enjoy the few moments of ‘me’ time you get in a day. try not to feel guilty about it.

it is perfectly okay to scramble at breakfast times and run around like a banshee, try not to berate yourself everyday after the school bus leaves

it is perfectly okay to sleep at seven every evening for half an hour, so that you can watch a 9pm show with your kids for quality time, try not to obsess that you are setting a bad example

it is perfectly okay to shut out your kids talking at you while you facebook for a while, you are a person too and your ears are not endless black holes

it is perfectly okay to not have energy for me time with everyone in your family, their well-being is upto them largely, not you

it is perfectly okay to have one day of the weekend for your own tasks, you are always not the homemmaker, you have a life too

it is perfectly okay for your kids to have unironed clothes for a month, turn the other way for until you recover, they do manage when they want to dress up 

it is perfectly okay to miss the dog walks sometimes and yell at someone else to do it, you are not the martyr-in-line always

it is perfectly okay to eat all meals at your workdesk, you are running a schedule and ignore all the self-help gurus; they have learnt your way too perhaps

it is perfectly okay to feel out of control and like your life is slipping way at breakneck pace, all mothers feel this way too

so dear mom ~~

live your life

be happy

shed guilt

eat well

shed diets

get that book

see that movie

have that trip

live this life….

your NOW matters too.

The Five Insights


Posted: 13 Aug 2014 06:30 AM PDT

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Love is your nature. But in the process of its expression, you often get caught up in the object. This is when your sight is caught outside. To return back to your nature, you need insight.

  • Pain is the first insight. It takes you away from the object and turns you towards your body and mind.
  • Energy is the second insight. A bolt of energy brings you back to your Self.
  • Divine Love is the third insight. A glimpse of Divine love makes you so complete and over rules all the relative pleasures.
  • Trance is the fourth insight. An elevation of consciousness and partial awareness of the physical reality around is Trance.
  • The conviction in the non-dual existence, that all is made up of one and only one, is the fifth insight.

When love glows, it is bliss. When it flows, it is compassion. When it blows, it is anger. When it ferments, it is jealously. When it is all numbers, it is hatred. When it acts, it is perfection. When love Knows, it is ME!

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Our own journeys..

in the final reckoning

i will stand solely alone

none, not even one of mine

will own my this journey

my triumphs would be mine

my failures would more be mine

my love for all that i made will sustain

my love for myself will reset, retrain

my failed detachment will be mine

my intrinsic nature will be again, mine

in fact, i will still be suddenly entirely me

standing alone, in sudden learning

when i chose to be made and remain

a lifetime of experience, learning again

why not the hardest lessons now

the stupid whats and pithy hows

the cosmos awaits as bystander

the final home, the silent why..

AWR no pain greater

It’s hard to deal with our own pain and suffering, it takes courage and fortitude to do so. But our own pain and suffering pale in comparison to that of watching our loved ones suffer, particularly when we are unable to do anything to  help them. In fact, all we can do is hold their hand, be compassionate, and walk the path with them bravely. 

The truth of the matter is we all have our own journeys to complete…




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